ColorSchemer Studio 2.1.1 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

 ColorSchemer Studio 2.1.1 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

ColorSchemer Studio

ColorSchemer Studio 2.1.1 is a useful application for Windows designed to automatically create color schemes. The main screen of ColorSchemer Studio displays a wheel where you can see the tones of other colors that go well with the color you provide. The other two tabs will show you the colors that match yours so that you can use them when working on your creation and as an outline of what your webpage could be with the color scheme that you have made.ColorSchemer Studio also includes a tool that allows you to extract the most prominent colors from an image or photograph and then work with them.

Complementary, split complementary, triadic, tetradic, analogous, brightness, shades, tones, and tints. Left to our own devices, the color combinations we come up with typically end up looking like one of Uncle Jimmy’s circa 1985 Hawaiian Shirts of Doom. But we can even make sensible, congruent, appealing color sets with ColorSchemer Studio 2. It’s a professional color-matching application that helps us build beautiful color schemes with minimal effort. We use ColorSchemer Studio 2 to explore color with a dynamic visual color wheel.

The brand new version 2 of ColorSchemer Studio includes a host of new features. You can access more than a million pre-made color schemes from the Community directly from the application. Using the Variations Palette, you can find a similar or related color to a starting base color. ColorSchemer Studio 2 also includes color-managed environments that allow you to work with RGB and CMYK colors more accurately and efficiently. ColorSchemer Studio is a professional color-matching application for your Mac that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily. Each of the harmony types creates a color picker structure with two or more branches, which indicate the color pattern.

ColorSchemer Studio + Activation Key Free Download

ColorSchemer Studio + Activation Key Free Download to identify color harmonies for the web (RGB) or print (CMYK), Create palettes from photos, search over a million existing color schemes, Mix colors, create gradient blends, and much more. Select a starting color, and ColorSchemer Studio does the rest. Save your color schemes to build your color palette library, ready to use for any project. Use the dynamic color wheel to identify color harmonies and matching colors based on any starting color. It even spins like a real-life artist’s color wheel! Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse and search.

Visually create custom LiveScheme formulas based on color theory or your imagination. You can even reverse-engineer and rotate existing color schemes with a simple drag & drop. The possibilities are limitless! Apply the built-in LiveSchemes – custom color relationships that you define – to instantly turn any starting color into a ready-to-use color scheme. Say you are a developer, and you need a bit of help with the color scheme for the Website you’re working on. ColorSchemer Studio can lend a helping hand with that. This application will show you which colors go well together and will let you access tons of pre-made color schemes.

The ColorSchemer Studio installation file weighs in at 2.4MB, which is not much. Download this File, run it, and a setup wizard will show up. This wizard will guide you through the setup process. In little time and without having to put too much effort into it, you will be done with the installation process. You should not have any problems figuring out the ColorSchemer Studio interface. It is easy enough for anyone to quickly get the hang of it. Should you need a bit of help figuring things out, check out the Help file. 

ColorSchemer Studio + Serial Key

The ColorSchemer Studio + Serial Key from the interface onto the functionality, I am going to bring up the fact that this application uses a dynamic color wheel to show you which colors go well together. Just select the color you want, and ColorSchemer Studio will show you some other colors that look good with your selection. On top of that, ColorSchemer Studio allows you to access tons of pre-made color schemes, allows you to load an image and build a color palette using that image, and lets you preview web page colors.

Application designed to help you create color schemes and palettes, as well as identify the HEX code for each nuance. The Color wheel contains the spectrum divided into twelve colors and automatically modifies its hues, intensity, or luminosity the moment you click on a certain color from the palette. For instance, clicking on dark blue changes all the colors to darker tints. On the left, you may see a color box and the RGB level sliders, as well as hue, saturation and brightness adjustment buttons. Additionally, you may switch to Spectrum View or Library and find a large collection of colors with creative names.

Alternatively, you may load a photo and select colors using the intuitive color picker or use the Eye dropper tool and pick a nuance from any area on your desktop. The color collections can serve as schemes for web pages, blogs, forums or articles. Open the quick preview and drag and drop one of the colors from a palette. The Software helps you create color schemes using color theory principles or based on your imagination. Open the spectrum circle and use the spider web selector to pick certain colors. You may create a harmonious scheme of complementary colors, split complements, or triads.

Key Features:

  •  Work with color more accurately and efficiently with built-in color management and ICC color profile support.
  • Use specific color profiles to ensure your color-critical work comes out right the first time, whether it’s for the web or print.
  • Work with CMYK colors and profiles for complete control over color in your print projects.
  • Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse, search, and download over a million user-created color palettes without ever leaving the program.
  •  Create and save LiveSchemes – custom color relationships that you define – to instantly turn any starting color into a ready-to-use color scheme.
  •  Use the new Variations palette to find colors that are similar or related to any starting base color.
  •  Pick from among several QuickPreview layout styles to preview your colors in a variety of different settings, including website, blog, print and pattern layouts.
  •  Select colors from pre-defined color libraries, including HTML-named colors and more.
  •  Create Color Groups in the Favorite Colors list to group sets of related colors together within a single scheme.

What’s New?

  • Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse and download over a million user-created color palettes.
  • Visually create custom LiveScheme formulas.
  • Instantly turn any starting color into a ready-to-use color scheme.
  • Use the Variations palette to find colors that are similar or related to any starting base color.
  • Work with RGB and CMYK colors in a color-managed environment.


  • Downloading and installing ColorSchemer Studio will take a little of your time.
  • There’s a comprehensive Help file that nicely presents the interface and the functionality.
  • There are lots of useful features that you can easily access: create color palettes, identify color harmonies and matching colors, access pre-made color schemes, transform a color into a complete color scheme, preview colors, and more.


  • Nag screen;
  • 15-day trial.

System Requirements:

  • Hard Disk space: 20GB
  • Memory (RAM): 8GB
  • Graphics Card: 6GB
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz

Serial Key:

  • QTR5YU7I9QW3E4Y76UI91I
  • Q2E34TR5I9O1Q2E340O1Q
  • 2E34TR5Y76UI91Q2TR5U78
  • I9OQW2E34R5I91QW2TR5Y

Activation Key:

  • 76UI9O0QW3YU70OQTR50
  • O1Q2W3YU78I90OQ2E34U
  • 8I90O2W3E4TR5U8I9Q2I90
  • OPQTR5YU7I90O1Q2W3U8

License Key:

  • 90OQ2TR5I90O1QTR5I90O1
  • QTR50O1Q2YU78I9QW23YU
  • 70O1QI9Q2W3YU70O1Q2E3
  • 4I9Q2W3U8I9OQ12W3TR561

Registration Key:

  • U78I91Q2W3R5Y7U8IQ2TR5Y
  • 76UI1Q2W3E4TR5YU7O1Q20
  • OPQ2E34TR5YU78I1Q2TR5Y7
  • 6UI9O1Q2YU7I9OQ2E34R5YU

How To Install?

  1. Firstly, download it from the Website.
  2. Then, install it well.
  3. Remove its Previous Version if installed.
  4. After the download, extract the zip file and install the program usually.
  5. After Installation, don’t run the program immediately.
  6. Now, Copy and paste the File into the c/program files.
  7. Click to Activate.
  8. When the Software installs, then Run the Software.
  9. That’s all. Enjoy the Full version for free.

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