GlassWire 3.3.664 + Activation Key Free Download 2024

GlassWire 3.3.664 + Activation Key Free Download 2024


GlassWire 3.3.664 reveals hosts that are known threats, unexpected network system file changes, unusual application changes, ARP spoofing, and DNS changes, and alerts you to the problem so you can take action. Although you may not always be notified about it, processes and applications sometimes connect to the Internet to send or receive data. Because of this, your computer can get hijacked or infected by malware, especially if you are unaware of the vulnerability and do not take any measures to protect the system against unauthorized access.

To make the data easier to read, the utility displays this information in graph form, updated every few seconds with your network’s activity feed. GlassWire’s free firewall and network monitor helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity. GlassWire can also remotely monitor and help protect servers or other computers far away. Install the program on your server or remote PC and look for unexpected threats or problems. If you see a random move, you can block a random activity with the tool’s free firewall.

You’ll be shocked by how many applications on your computer send your private data over the Internet without you knowing. Once suspicious activity is detected, you can block the potential threat with GlassWire’s built-in firewall management tool. GlassWire’s network monitor visualizes your current and past network activity by traffic type, application, and geographic location, all on a beautiful and easy-to-understand graph.

GlassWire + Registration Key Free Download

GlassWire + Registration Key Free Download can monitor every byte of data that passes through the system and intuitively display the information using graphs and statistics. Thanks to this, you can see which applications use the most bandwidth, the IP address at the receiving end, and the protocol used in the transfer. The firewall capabilities of the utility can be used to protect yourself from any unwanted connections and block certain applications from transferring data over the Internet. Thus, you can choose which programs can use the network and send or receive information by simply clicking on them in the provided list.

In addition, the notification service also alerts you whenever a new connection is detected, and you can view separate feeds for applications and regular Internet traffic. GlassWire is a software utility that provides you with around-the-clock security regarding your Internet connection by monitoring the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Hence, it can detect and display information about every service or process currently using your bandwidth and the IP addresses of each third-party connection.

Go back for up to 30 days and see what your computer or server was doing in the past. Click the graph for details of what app or network event caused a spike in network activity. The app’s free firewall reveals all your network activity, so you can easily see what your computer is doing in the background. Glass Wire’s firewall shows you what current and past servers your computer is communicating with to see potential online threats and block them if necessary.

GlassWire + License Key 2024

GlassWire + License Key 2024 provides everything you might need to monitor network activity and protect your computer against unauthorized connections. In addition, the modern interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it very simple for anyone to take full advantage of its capabilities without any previous experience required. If you have a very strict data plan on your mobile device, you might need an app that is good at keeping track so you don’t get overcharged. This is important if you don’t want to spend money on extra GB each month.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the application doesn’t store any data regarding its users, making this one of the few in the Google Play store to do that. GlassWire is a security and privacy program that lets you view current and past network activity and detect malware, spyware, and other hidden threats. It warns you of network-related changes to your computer or any unusual changes to your apps and allows you to block suspicious connections.

It is free to download, but you can purchase its package plans from Basic, Pro, to Elite for more features. The application is smart enough to track the mobile and the Wi-Fi data separately, an important feature. It’s also possible to see what app consumes the most data and set up alerts so users know when they are approaching the limit. GlassWire is a network security tool built to help you visually see what your computer is doing over the Internet and take full control of your network activity, security, and privacy.

Key Features:

  • At the heart of GlassWire is a screen that visually represents network activity.
  • Hosts are automatically resolved, and their country of origin information is automatically displayed.
  • A network monitoring tool like GlassWire should form part of your standard security and privacy software toolkit.
  • Just be warned that GlassWire will not automatically counter every threat it detects. It will help you to identify suspicious activity, but it is up to you to take action to avoid the consequences of this.
  • One of the most exciting features of GlassWire is the ability to look back at network activity.
  • This feature is implemented in several ways.
  • The first is similar to most network monitoring software: GlassWire allows you to display graphs showing inbound and outbound connections for a given period, be it yesterday or last month.
  • Beyond the beautiful design of the central graphs, it seems a lot of work has gone into making GlassWire’s interface discreet and easy to use.
  • GlassWire’s signals attempt to avoid this problem by quickly fading away.
  • GlassWire comes into its own if you run multiple remote servers.
  • For instance, this can be the case if you administer a server for your employer, run a gaming server, or use dedicated web hosting.


  • It has a good feature called “Things.” It scans our network and details the devices connecting to it.
  • Also, it offers you real-time protection on top of the security s/w you use without slowing down the connection or the computer.
  • Overall, I was very happy with this software and will recommend it to everyone.
  • I am very fond of useful software, which nowadays is very scarce.


  • In previous versions, I could block any app on the firewall of GlassWire, but lately, I noticed that this option is not available anymore and requires an upgrade.
  • After checking it for a few days, you won’t use it again until you have any problem. Another program you don’t need is slowing down your PC.
  • I found this through a tech podcast (teething, I believe) and have been using it since to EASILY block and manage connections to and from my PC to the rest of the network/internet.


What’s New?

  • It provides the mode of connection to the users as allow or deny access.
  • Provides the block feature to the users to block the connections.
  • It provides a long history graph in the latest version and does not remove the oldest.
  • Now it supports Microsoft Store apps in a much better way.
  • It has fixed a bug reported on HackerOne involving .dll files and our installer system.
  • It has fixed a bug with “Things” and its last scanned date.
  • The latest version comes with new “Things” device types.
  • As reported in the forum, it has fixed a bug with DNS changes not updating correctly.
  • It has fixed a bug that could cause icons moving on our graph to look jerky.
  • Now it comes with the ability to re-order remote servers, as requested by customers.
  • It has fixed some issues reported with our French translations.
  • It has fixed a bug that could cause alert bubbles on the graph to overlap.
  • This version comes with some enhancements.
  • It comes with a new help screen to handle technical issues.
  • It comes with minor bug fixes.
  • The latest version brings extremely optimized performance.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 or Server 2008/ 2012/ 2016 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions).
  • 2 GHz single-core processor.
  • 1 GB RAM (memory).
  • 100 MB free hard disk space.

Serial Key:

  • QWTR45YU768I9OQTR45Y
  • U7680OQ1TR45U780O1TR
  • 5O9Q1TR45O91QW2TR5U
  • 78O91QW2TR5YU768O9P1

Activation Key:

  • 0Q1W2TR5YU78O90PQ1WI
  • 2YU7O90QW2E34TR5Y76U
  • 8I91QW2E34TR5YU7I89OQ
  • W2Y76U80O3ETR45U78O9

License Key:

  • 2Y76U8I2E34R5TY76U8IQ1
  • E34YU7I89OQ1W2E3YU7OI
  • 9WE3R4T5YU7I9O1QW2YU
  • 7O90PQW2YU78O9P0Q1W

Registration Key:

  • 2P0QW2E3T5YU7P0Q1W2I
  • 760OPQ1W2TR5YU78O90P
  • Q1W2E34TR5Y76UO90PQEI
  • W2TR5YU7I8O90Q1W2E34I

How To Install?

  1. Firstly, download GlassWire from the given link.
  2. Please open the file and install it.
  3. Then after the installation process, disconnect your internet connection.
  4. Then, open the GlassWire Serial Key to copy.
  5. Also, paste it into the activation section & click activate.
  6. Finally, all done, now have fun.
  7. Done.

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